Re - Processing Organic Oolong Tea Wuyi Yancha Tea With Flattened Material

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Re - Processing Organic Oolong Tea Wuyi Yancha Tea With Flattened Green Tea Leaves Material


Wuyi Rock Tea is a traditional Chinese tea, which is an oolong tea with the characteristics of rock rhyme (rock bone floral). Produced in the Wuyi Mountain area in the northeast of Xiujia, Fujian Province, the tea tree grows in the cracks of the rock. Wuyi Rock Tea has the fragrance of green tea and the sweetness of black tea. It is the best in Chinese oolong tea. Wuyi Rock Tea is a semi-fermented green tea produced between green tea and black tea. The most famous Wuyi rock tea is Dahongpao tea.
The morphological characteristics of Wuyi Rock Tea: the tip of the leaf is twisted, like a steamed bun, and the color of the iron blue with brown oil is moist. Endogenous, sweet, clear, and fragrant. There are obvious rock bones. Wuyiyan Chameiyan production area is the scenic area of ​​Wuyishan City, with an area of ​​70km2.


Brewing Conditions:


As for tea sets, a tureen or a dark-red enameled pottery is preferred. Put adequate tea cake, and infuse it with boiling water. The first infusion of tea is for washing the tea leaves, and it is not for drinking. The time needed by the flowing infusions can be decided by individual taste. Generally speaking, it can be infused for more than 6 times. It has the effects of beautifying and nourishing skin, being free from worry and nourishing the stomach, and losing weight.


Item Traditional Oolong Tea Zhengyan Imperial Shui Jin Gui(Golden Turtle) Wuyi Rock Tea


Shui Jin Gui oolong tea, also Known as "Golden Turtle", is one of the most famous oolong tea grows on the rock of Wuyi Mountain.
Among all Bohea teas, Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle has the best reputation. Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle is a myth of Chinese tea, since so many mythic stories about it.
The original Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle is made from the tea plants which grown in a cliff in wuyi mountain. The location of that cliff is named "Nine Drgaon Cave"; . Throughout the year, the transudatory fountain from crevices between rocks nourish the four "Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle"; tea plants which survive after one thousand years. Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle plants is the natural peerless production.
The tightly twisted leaves of Shui Jin Gui/Golden Turtle are greenish brown in color. The orange tea liquid come with strong floral fragrance. Even after nine infusions, the floral fragrance like sweet-scented osmanthus still remain. After tasting, the fragrance will last in your mouth for long time.


Picking Standard One bud with two or three leaves
Certificate Organic-certified and EU conventional
Health benefits Reduced high blood pressure,Mental alertness,Natural weight loss aid, Anti-oxidant,Anti-bacterial,Stress and anxiety relief


wuyi yancha tea has ten functions:

1. Improve immunity: Tea can increase the proliferative response of spleen lymphocytes stimulated by CONA, protect and adjust N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitroso-nitrogen (MNNG) to induce immune function and improve disease resistance in vivo.
2, anti-aging: tea has tea polyphenols, improve the vitality of whole blood (GSH-PX), help to eliminate biological free radicals in the body, reduce damage, thus delaying the body's aging.
3, anti-cancer: Tea Cui N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitroso-pulse (MNNG) has an inhibitory effect on intestinal malignant tumors and prevents canceration.
4, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease: tea can reduce the aortic endometrial plaque and content, reduce capillary fragility, and increased resistance. Tea polyphenols reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduce lipid deposition, and have a significant impact on blood viscosity, blood hypercoagulability, and blood stasis.
5, to protect the urinary organs: tea contains flavonols and glycosides, can diuretic, inhibit renal tubular resorption, and promote fluoride excretion. At the same time, 6.8-dithiooctanoic acid has therapeutic effects on cardiac edema, hepatic edema and pregnancy edema.
6. Health care for digestive organs: The catechins in tea play a convergent effect on the gastric mucosa, properly inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, and play a protective role on the stomach.
7. Health care for teeth: The content of fluoride in tea is 27.3-146.6PPM. This kind of fluoride can prevent dental caries and enhance bone toughness.
8, prevent eye disease: tea carotene B-illone is vitamin A original, it can be converted into vitamin A, vitamin A can prevent epithelial keratin degeneration and proliferation of lacrimal gland lesions, prevent corneal keratin thickening, prevent eye diseases.
9, weight loss and beauty: due to lowering blood lipids, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, promote the decomposition of pancreatic fat enzyme activity, inhibit the increase of neutral fat, to achieve weight loss and beauty effects.
10. In addition to the above functions, Wuyi Rock Tea also has thirst-quenching, detoxification, cooling and detoxification, exciting nerve center, reducing fatigue, waking up, lifting sputum, precipitating harmful ions, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, inhibiting viruses, resisting radiation, and treating internal and external damage. And other effects.

Dahongpao, the King of tea, grows among the cliffs of Wuyi, natural and pure, always ranks first among rock teas. Affected by the beautiful landscapes of Wuyi, with the rock charm and flower fragrance, Dahongpao tastes very well, so that wins tea-lovers’ high favor. In recently, the reputation of Dahongpao Tea is steadily on the increase.





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