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The quality of tea is judged by using our senses, these being sight, taste and smell, In the factory, during production, drier mouth samples are routinely tasted on a regular basis by experienced personnel to monitor the quality of tea. Experienced £asters can identiIy problems occurring during each stage in the tea manufacturing process. Where a factory has more than one production line, tasters can compare their performance for quality, and companies with multiple factories often taste the teas to compare factories so that certain quality standards are mainrained. 


In the organic tea base, the fertilizers applied are all certified organic fertilizers, no herbicides are used, all are artificially weeded, and biological control and pest control technology is adopted. Solar insecticidal lamps and sticky insect boards are deployed. In 2014, it became Hunan. Provincial Green Control Demonstration Base. Organic tea gardens are all ecologically managed and protected by manual picking.
In 2016, the new plant was put into production, and the production workshop was equipped with advanced production equipment, adhering to the management of standardization and cleanliness. The monitoring equipment covering the tea garden and the production and storage workshop will be put into use, and the whole process will be monitored from the aspects of planting, cultivation, picking, processing, storage and delivery.


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