100% Nature Organic Oolong Tea Anxi Tieguanyin Tea With USDA Certificate

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Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 50kg
Price: USD20-30/kg
Packaging Details: bulk , bag , Gift box
Delivery Time: 5-8wordays
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C,Paypal
Supply Ability: 2000kg/week
Product Type: Oolong Tea Style: Healthy Organic Olong
Age: New Pick Up Time: Early Spring
Shape: Crystal Color: Light Brown
Funcation: Protect The Stomach
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loose leaf oolong tea


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100% nature organic Oolong tea with USDA certificate , Fujian Tieguanyin tea


Brief Introduction  GABA tea is an amino acid that is produced by the human body. GABA stands for Gamma-aminobutyric acid. Its main function is to inhibit the firing of neurons in the brain. Because of this inhibitory function, GABA sends messages to the brain, spinal cord, heart, lungs, and kidneys to slow down.
This means that GABA is an anti-stress, anti-anxiety, calming and relaxing nutrient. It has been used clinically for depressed sex drive, prostate problems, and as a non-addictive tranquilizer substitute.                                                                                 
GABA tea is an all-natural source of GABA. It was discovered more than 20 years ago by Japanese researchers looking for a natural method to preserve food. They discovered that tea which is oxidized in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere has a higher concentration of GABA elements than any other type of tea. Oxidation refers to exposing tea leaves to the air after they have been picked. Black tea is 100% oxidized, while wu long tea is partially oxidized. Green tea is unoxidized - it is dried as soon as possible after picking. GABA tea production involves exposing fresh tea leaves to nitrogen instead of oxygen. The fresh tea is placed in stainless steel vacuum drums and the oxygen is removed and replaced with nitrogen. The tea leaves are exposed to this nitrogen-rich atmosphere for about 8 hours. The temperature must be kept above 40 degrees Celsius for the duration of the processing. This procedure produces the highest 
Tea Processing  Plucking-Withering-Shaking-Stir Fixation-Rolling-Baking-Cooling
Conditional Storage Damp-proof,Odor-proof,water-proof,ventilation,handle with care
The soup and the taste The taste is good, lively caramel, slightly sour, ginger. A light touch of orange and cinnamon undertones maybe                         
Health benefit Since that time GABA tea has become a staple in the Japanese diet. It is a refreshing beverage that is consumed by people of all ages. GABA tea is valued for its many health benefits which include:
1. Reduced high blood pressure
2. Mental alertness
3. Natural weight loss aid
4. Anti-oxidant
5. Anti-bacterial
6. Stress and anxiety relief
GABA for alcohol withdrawal is highly effective. It can be used to prevent and treat hangovers.





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