China Bulk OEM Healthy Anhua Dark Tea Brick / Slimming Dark Tea

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hunan China
Brand Name: Nature
Certification: ISO , NOP
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiated
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: outside hard cartonsBag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, OEM
Delivery Time: 10-30 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Ton/Tons per Year
Features: Improve Immunity Weight Loss,Refreshing Name: Dark Chinese Tea
Packing Specification: Net Content About 1000g , Custom Raw Materials: Raw Dark Green Tea
Outer Packaging: Custom Packaging / Gift Package Storage Method: Cool And Dry, No Odor Conditions Can Be Stored For A Long Time
Use: Drink Everyday, Traveling With You Nutrient Content: Nature Vitamins And Minerals
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China Bulk OEM Healthy Anhua Dark Tea Brick / Slimming Dark Tea


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Dark tea is one of the six major teas in China and is a special tea in China. Healthy anhua dark tea is a general term for a large class of tea made from fresh leaves with a certain maturity as a raw material, and is made by the process of killing, smashing, and steaming. It is a necessities for the ethnic minorities in Northwest China. Because it is often processed into brick forming products, it is also called "tightening tea, "brick tea."




Healthy anhua dark tea
Raw Materials Raw Dark Green Tea
Features Slimming Improve immunity Anti-oxidation Refreshing Health
Drinking method Hot water brewing Hot water boiled tea
Packaging Outer Gift Package Carton Cloth bag Custom
inner Kraft paper Cotton paper Bamboo Custom
Storage method Cool and dry, no odor conditions can be stored for a long time
Use Afternoon tea Modulation morning tea Milk tea Drink everyday
Tea making process Killing, priming, hoeing, retanning, baking
Nutrient content Theaflavins and thearubigins Tea polysaccharide complex Amino acid theanine
Drink tips Do not stir black tea or compress black tea leaves when making black tea, which will make the tea turbid.
Best for one hour after a meal



Anhua Dark Tea is made from the large leaf species of the Xuefeng Mountain tea area in Hunan Province. It has been processed by

four processes: greening, simmering, simmering, and firewood drying. Tastes alcohol and or slightly simmered, soup red and bright,
A general name for the tea with a unique characteristic of the unique characteristics of the pine scent and the pressed tea

which is autoclaved.





The golden granules in the tea bricks are known as "prosthetic bacterium", which is a probiotic, commonly known as golden flower(Jinhua).

Jinhua was also an important material for maintaining the survival of herders in the ancient frontiers. "Golden platinum is not as good as dark gold." "Dark gold" refers to the golden flower in dark tea.


It can catalyze the conversion of protein and starch in tea into monosaccharides, catalyze the oxidation of polyphenolic compounds, convert them into substances beneficial to the human body, and improve and optimize the taste and taste of tea.


The two polysaccharides, EPC-A1 and ECP-A2, which can inhibit the activity of PPARα, PPARγ and PPAR, were isolated and purified from the fermentation broth of Coriolus sphaeroides. These two polysaccharides also inhibited K562 cells. A non-alcoholic fatty liver cell model was constructed to investigate the effect of the spore powder extract of Coronaria sphaeroides on weight loss. The results showed that both spore powder aqueous extract and alcohol extract could reduce cell fat levels.


Drinking Method



China Bulk OEM Healthy Anhua Dark Tea Brick / Slimming Dark Tea 0

1Take out a small piece of tea 2 hot water cup 3 Put the tea in the cup 4 wake up tea
8-10g Dark tea brewing each time It can be sterilized at a high temperature to increase the temperature of the cup. When making tea, the tea juice can penetrate better. Put the prepared tea into the cup Pour 100 degrees Celsius water into the cup along the wall of the cup and let it stand for 30 seconds. This step can clean the tea leaves and wake up the tea leaves.
China Bulk OEM Healthy Anhua Dark Tea Brick / Slimming Dark Tea 1
5 hot water soaked tea 6take the teacup liner 7 points tea soup 8 taste tea
Pour 100 degrees Celsius water into the cup along the wall of the cup, cover the lid, and let stand for 30 seconds to get the tea soup. Take out the tea leaves and make it possible to brew repeatedly Pour the tea soup into a small cup Smell the smell of tea, drink tea soup, drink tea regularly and be healthy


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