Healthy Anhua Dark Chinese Tea Fuzhuan Brick Class Tea Improve Immunity

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hunan China
Brand Name: Nature
Certification: ISO , NOP
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiated
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: outside hard cartonsBag, Bottle, Box, Bulk, Can (Tinned), Gift Packing, OEM
Delivery Time: 10-30 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 Ton/Tons per Year
Features: Improve Immunity Weight Loss,Refreshing Name: Anhua Fuzhuan Brick Tea
Material Grade: Anhua Big Leaf Tea Raw Materials: Raw Dark Green Tea
Outer Packaging: Custom Packaging / Gift Package Storage Method: Cool And Dry, No Odor Conditions Can Be Stored For A Long Time
Use: Drink Everyday, Traveling With You Nutrient Content: Nature Vitamins And Minerals
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fu zhuan tea


dark tea brick

Healthy Anhua Dark Chinese Tea Fuzhuan Brick Class Tea Improve Immunity



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Fuzhuan Brick Tea is also known as a kind of tea. Special needs goods in ethnic areas.

Fuzhuan Brick Tea History

Fuzhuan Brick Tea came out around 1860. At that time, the black-haired tea produced in Hunan was pressed into

a 90-kilogram piece of a large bag, which was transported to Fuyang, Shaanxi Province to build bricks. In the early days,

the brick was called "Lake Tea". Because it was processed in Futian, it was also called "Fucha".



Anhua Fuzhuan Brick Tea
Raw Materials Raw Dark Green Tea
Features Slimming Improve immunity Anti-oxidation Refreshing Health
Drinking method Hot water brewing Hot water boiled tea
Packaging Outer Gift Package Carton Cloth bag Custom
inner Kraft paper Cotton paper Bamboo Custom
Storage method Cool and dry, no odor conditions can be stored for a long time
Use Afternoon tea Modulation morning tea Milk tea Drink everyday
Tea making process Killing, priming, hoeing, retanning, baking
Nutrient content Theaflavins and thearubigins Tea polysaccharide complex Amino acid theanine
Drink tips Do not stir black tea or compress black tea leaves when making black tea, which will make the tea turbid.
Best for one hour after a meal


Fuzhuan Brick Tea Craft


The pressing method of Fuzhuan Brick Tea is divided into the processing of sifting, steaming, squeezing, drying, and finished packaging.
According to the ratio of the formula of the hairy tea, the sieve method of “crushing and shaking, recycling and cutting, splitting the body and taking four holes into tea” is adopted, and the sand is formed after the sand is selected by the wind. Steaming is to make the tea billet overweight and send it to a steam engine for heating. The steaming time is 50 seconds.
After steaming, the pile is 2-3m high and the time is 3-4 hours. When the leaf temperature reaches 75-88°C, the heat should be turned up immediately, which will make the whole tea pile cool and dry.
After the tea is piled up, it can be weighed by tea, added with tea juice, stirred, steamed tea, and then pressed and pressed to cool and shape.
When the brick temperature drops from about 80 °C to about 50 °C for about 80 minutes, the bricks can be withdrawn by the brick-removing machine and checked and accepted according to the quality specifications.
Qualified persons enter the drying room and are placed side by side on the drying rack. After baking, there are 12-15 days for the flowering stage, and the next 5-7 days for the drying stage.
The room temperature of the flowering stage should be kept at about 28 °C, and the relative humidity should be kept at about 80% to promote the growth and growth of Aspergillus ash. The temperature during the drying period should be gradually increased, generally rising from 30 °C to 45 °C. It should be packed immediately after baking.

Drinking Method


1, tea set with:


brewing black tea should choose rough, atmospheric tea set. Generally, thick-walled teapots,

clay pots or Ruyi cups are used for brewing; fair glass and cups are made of transparent glassware,

which is convenient for viewing soup colors.


2, water selection

Water quality: It is better to use water, well water, mineral water and pure water for tea.
Water temperature: The water temperature should be high, generally brewed with 100 degrees boiling water;

it can also be boiled with boiling water, and then boiled with cold water for better taste.
Tea ratio: high-grade brick tea and Sanjian tea-to-water ratio is about 1:30, and coarse old brick tea is about 1:20.


3, brewing method:


When brewing black tea, the tenderer tea is more boring, and the thick old tea is more boring.

Coarse old tea can also be boiled.

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